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We are acutely aware of the need for peace talks on Syria to be convened as soon as possible. Geneva II is vital and important.

To date, Syrian women have not been included in the process, even though they are active, prepared, and representative.

There is clear wording in the Geneva communication "that women must be fully represented in all aspects of the transition." Yet if the peace is dictated by the warring factions, the possibility of women's rights being accurately reflected in the transition is compromised.Women's participation starts in the process towards peace and must be maintained.

We urge governments to act decisively in demanding women's active participation in the process and a seat at the main table of negotiations.

We recall obligations under Security Council Resolution (SCR) 1325, the UN General Assembly Resolution GA/65/283 (2011), and the Security Council Resolution 2044, which reaffirm the overarching importance of women's participation in peace-building, peace keeping and international security processes.

The international community must uphold these obligations and make them work in practice.

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