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Emergency Department Practice Management Association

We, the undersigned, demand that every patient be treated equally and fairly, whether suffering severe emotional or physical pain, and despite mental illness, or what the medical industry itself defines as the disease of addiction. Furthermore, we demand the end of verbal harassment of patients (including ridicule and sarcasm), unnecessary delays of up to fourteen hours and longer followed by denial of treatment, and other means of refusing to provide treatment and doing so in a way meant to inflict maximum punishment on patients. If patients are truly exhibiting signs of entering the emergency room solely to obtain drugs unrelated to any psychiatric disorder or severe physical pain related to an accident or other physical trauma, then law authorities should be notified. In short, we demand that emergency rooms stop acting as judges and juries of physical and emotional suffering and treat all patients with respect and dignity. For those whose job stress prevents them from exhibiting simple human decency, we suggest a career change.


Paul A. Toth

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