Sign the Petition to Chattanooga's Mayor Andy Berke

Dear Mayor Berke,

Mayors across the nation are declaring their support for the freedom to marry nationwide. Your support in achieving equal benefits for same-sex couples in Chattanooga, Tennessee has been impressive.

Now, we'd like you to be the first mayor in Tennessee to join the 400 others from 37 states by signing on to publicly support the Freedom to Marry.

You believe in equality for all, and we encourage you to demonstrate that sentiment by making it official. Sign on to be a mayor for the Freedom to Marry today.


TN Marriage Equality

For months Mayor Andy Berke has admirably supported equal benefits for same sex couples in Chattanooga, Tennessee. 

This petition shows our support and encouragement for Mayor Berke to take the next step by publicly signing on as a Mayor for the Freedom to Marry.

Mayors across the nation have the ability to affirm the critical role that cities and their leaders have played in advancing civil rights and equal treatment for all Americans. Over 400 mayors in 37 states have already helped Light Up the Map. 

Sign this petition to help show Mayor Berke just how many people stand in full support of him becoming the first Mayor in Tennessee be a Mayor for the Freedom to Marry! 


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