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  I can finally tell you what Aurelian Stefan and I have been planning......returning to Braila for free spay/neuter! Thank you for your patience with this....we had to make sure everything was set and ready to go, but oh, Braila, means so much to me! I spent a lot of time in Braila in the "old days" pre-Dream Team. The situation there was so very very sad. I used to feed the dogs at the train station and one day a lady came, yelled at me, and spit at me. I thought "lady, you just don't get it do you?".   I was walking down the sidewalk and found a kitten who was paralyzed. I picked her up - she looked like a ball on sticks. Well that "ball" was her bladder full of urine. Heaven only knows how long it had been since she had been able urinate. Someone just put her on the sidewalk and walked away. I took her to the vet. This "vet" told me he would not put this kitten to sleep. He told me to put her back where I had found her....on the sidewalk. I was furious. I took the kitten back to Bucharest with me with the hopes to find a decent vet. Well of course the vet in Bucharest wanted to do x-rays, vaccines, etc, on a cat that could not move at all. All for the money of course. I met a lady in the waiting area and told her what was wrong with the cat. She said "I will take the cat, I have handicapped cats at home". I told her I was not sure the cat should be released as she was completely immobile. The lady told me she would work with her for a few days and if she did not recover she would have her pts. The vet then came over to us and introduced us. He told me that it must have been fate for this lady to be there then. That she was a sound, reasonable woman with plenty of funds to care for handicapped animals, and that she would do the right thing for the kitty. Well, I gave her the kitten. I doubt that the little kitten made it, but at least we tried. This is why going to help in Braila is so important to me....too much suffering....not enough wisdom or compassion. The "vets" in Braila would not keep any animals after surgery for recovery. My friend Daniela borrowed a broken down van to keep them in. We would go there and clean it every day. One day one of the dogs was ill.......and we found it had distemper. This meant that all dogs that had been in that van had been exposed! It also meant we could no longer use the van for recovery.....what a nightmare. Another  time I was in the waiting area of the "vet" . I heard screaming from the exam room and went back to ask what was wrong......there I saw a dog with a horrible ear infection. One vet was holding him down and the other was scraping pus out of its ear. I asked will you please give that dog some anesthesia....and the vet said "Mrs. Janes, I could do that for you because you can afford to pay me. The other people here cannot afford to pay me so it is not fair that this dog not suffer and others do".....and he was kind of laughing at my horror.... It was like being in the Twilight Zone for me......a surreal movie. A mama dog and her puppies were in danger of being poisoned. My friend Daniela moved them to the city dump for safety. I went there to see them and help feed them. One of the puppies was so weak...Daniela said not to feed him, to save the food, as he would be dead the next day. I said I can afford to buy more food! I fed him, he ate. The next day he was dead. I contacted my friend in Germany to see if the puppies could go to her. She said yes. I contacted my friends in the USA and one told me she would host the whole family to get away. no one wanted mama dog as she was feral and kind of nippy. I took mama dog home with me a few weeks later. She is now known as Alexandra, or Mama. She is the sweetest dog ever. Happy ending to a miserable story...for that family.  

 This is why I am so very pleased Romania Animal Rescue is returning to help in Braila.  The animals need us so very very much.  Neuter of Spay them!  Keep them from suffering the fate of being born !   If you would like to help us spay more animals in Braila, or help our other campaigns to stop the suffering and killing, please donate to Romania Animal Rescue,; Paypal:  [email protected]   Thank you!

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