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: State of Montana : Steve Bullock, Governor / Tim Fox, Attorney General

State of Montana,

In the 1979 brutal murder of Kimberly Ann Nees, in Poplar, Montana, a bloody palm print was left on the passenger side of the door along with other physical evidence, that include finger prints, foot prints, a bloody towel, etc, that have not been matched. The bloody palm print does not belong to the victim Kim Nees or to convicted killer Barry Beach, who has been wrongfully convicted. The State of Montana continues to hold this conviction based on a false, coerced confession. Barry Beach has been incarcerated for nearly 30 years for a crime he clearly did not commit. The confession does not match the crime scene or the FBI reports. There are too many discrepancies that the State of Montana refuses to acknowledge. We believe that the truth is in the evidence and as citizens of the United States of America we are demanding that DNA testing be performed. Justice needs to be served and the true murderers be held accountable and responsible for their crime, so that Kim Nees and her family can have closure.


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Justice for Kim

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Seeking justice for victim Kim Nees and freedom for Barry Beach, a wrongfully convicted man.

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