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The US Fish and Wildlife Services

Since these Wolves have been delisted from being on the endangered Species Act, horrible methods of torture have been used on them to cause a long, slow, very painful and certainly inevitable death. Anyone, including children, can go on Facebook and see these hunters with a Zeal to Kill dancing, spitting, stomping and eliminating on these animals while they are suffering all the while with smiles and laughter as if they are proud of these barbaric acts!!! Where is the mercy??? Where are we as far as a civilized nation I ask?? WHY will you not listen to "the other side" at meetings when they want to talk to you and also share their thoughts??? Is it all the power of money??? Remember, you are being paid by these same tax paying citizens, 85% who feel that you have indeed let them down!!! WHY did you eliminate the REAL scientific research by 2 Scientists???? STOP these dispicable acts of cruelty once and for all, I beg of you!!! Individuals are losing their own pet dogs in these horrible traps and being shot down by hunters that can't wait to kill....
Thank you....


Marjorie Ackerman

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How this will help

I hope to increase awareness of this horrible act of cruelty and unspeakable pain and suffering being inflicted on our wolves ......which by the way we reintroduced back into the USA


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