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Call or visit your congressman and invite them to cosponsor the Parental Rights Amendment.

How this will help

Let them (or their staff) know to contact Patrick Fleming in Rep. Mark Meadows' office for more information or to sign on in support. If they ask for a bill number, point out that we are seeking original cosponsors – a bill number has not yet been assigned.If your congressman agrees to cosponsor, let them know that if they include [email protected] on their email to Rep. Meadows' staff, we will update our website immediately to reflect their support.

To find contact information for your congressman, visit and click on your state. Then, click on the link to your congressman's website for specific local offices and give them a call. If you can, try to enlist a few friends to go with you for a brief 5-10 minute visit. encourages you to join these concerned citizens by writing a letter to the editors of your local paper(s), explaining the importance of the Parental Rights Amendment. Please email us ([email protected]) if you have any questions.

Below are links to Op-Eds and Letters to the Editor written in support of the Parental Rights Amendment or in opposition to the Convention on the Rights of the Child. These articles are not written by and some details may not reflect the beliefs or opinions of our organization. However, we share the same motive and desire: to see the fundamental rights of parents constitutionally preserved for ourselves and our posterity.

09 Mar. 11 - Constitution Should Affirm Rights of Parents - by Laura Rupers in the Athens Banner-Herald, Athens, GA.

04 Jun. 10 - True Families Are Precious - by Celese Sanders in the Daily Independent, Ridgecrest, CA. 31

Mar. 10 - Parents should not relinquish their rights - by Steve Omtvedt at

22 Mar. 10 - Parental Rights Deserve a Fight - by Charlie Butts at One News Now,

23 Feb. 10 - Government, Yes! God and Parents, No! - by Dennis Prager at KSKY, Dallas - Ft. Worth; posted at

17 Feb. 10 - "The Hand That Rocks the Cradle"- by Cathy Driscoll of Cape May, New Jersey; posted at, New Jersey.

01 Feb. 10 - Legitimate Homeschool Socialization Concerns - by Lisa Russell at 

26 Jan. 10 - Support the amendment to protect parents' rights from gov't- by Cristina Driscoll of Athens County, Ohio; posted at, Athens, Ohio.

11 Jan. 10 - Parental Rights Amendment Needed - by Larry White of Cato, New York; posted at, Syracuse, New York.

18 Nov. 09 - Daddy Penguin or an Old Yeller? - by Cathy Driscoll of Cape May, New Jersey; posted at, Cape May, New Jersey.

05 Nov. 09 - Parental Rights in Jeopardy - by J. Patrick Shipsey of Santa Maria, CA; posted at, Santa Maria, California.

04 Nov. 09 - Put Parental Rights in the Constitution - by Georgette Romito of Hudson, OH; posted at of northeastern Ohio.

23 Oct. 09 - 14-year-old Jordan Baker's Speech to Congresswoman - by Jordan Baker of Tampa, FL; posted at of the Tampa Tribune, Tampa, FL.

15 Oct. 09 - Parents Should Direct Children's Upbringing - by Deanna Cox of White Oak, GA; posted at of the Tribune & Georgian, Camden County, GA.

12 Oct. 09 - Political Freedom Does Not Have Age Limit - by Deidra McCall, Colorado State University; posted at of the Fort Collins Coloradoan, Fort Collins, CO.

11 Oct. 09 - (Scroll down to) International Law Puts Families at Great Risk - by Ann Conder; posted at of the Midland Reporter-Telegram, Midland, TX.

07 Oct. 09 - Presidential Notion of Education Reform Undermines Parents and Children - by Karen Dudek, Detroit Catholic Issues Examiner; posted at

06 Oct. 09 - Parental Rights - by Lacy Pessagno; posted at of The Pilot, Southern Pines, NC.

01 Oct. 09 - Op-Ed at - by Randy Martin of Bakersfield, posted at ofThe Bakersfield Californian, Bakersfield, CA.

18 Feb. 09 - Parents or Politicians? - by Whitney Dotson; posted at Pro-Life


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