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"The Church" is an outreach program for LGBTQ homeless youth that is run by the Episcopal Church of St. Luke in the Fields in the West Village.  It provides a meal and safe place to children who have found themselves homeless because of being LGBTQ. Social Workers and mentors are available to help the kids as a community.  Many of the kids have been abused and have resorted to many options to survive in the streets.  

This program is important to keep these kids alive and to help build their hope for the future.  Help them to experience the support and love that was denied them.  

In 2013, the funding for the LGBTQ program and the People Living With AIDS Dinner had a deficit--announced at $70k.  I'd like to try and raise $1000 by my birthday 12 Jan 2014 to help with this program.

Any amount in honor of my birthday is welcome.  No one should be homeless in America, especially children.  No child should be turned away from their family because they are LGBTQ.

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