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Help Save Claudette From Death Row on Nov 30!

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Please Call Heather at 831 600-7479 if you Can Foster Claudette for a short time so she can be pulled from death row.

Hello my name is Claudette and I am in a shelter. I WAS DUMPED here at the shelter. I am upset about that in the first place. But that is not all I need to deal with. Now I am on death row. I have until Nov 30, only 4 days from now.

I need your help to survive. Will you help me? Please? I am over the edge in that everyone here keeps messing with my "shelter space, throwing towels over me to pick me up! & I am in a space where I have NO privacy… 360 degrees of Plexiglas! I am scared all of the time. Things here keep changing.. This upsets me. I can't even have my own water dish in the same spot. Plus, I am always being pulled around and I live in some kind of fish tank thing. At least that is what I hear it called. Humans that "clean" are always moving my room every day!! So I push them away - they are easy to scare (ha ha) However, it turns out that when humans get scared they can put you on the list of bunnies that "need rescue- or you die" -

By the way two rabbit advocates (they like me) picked me up correctly, put me into a play area nicely and I played and did binkies and had so much fun. NOTE: No biting. No hostile actions against me either.

Heather from The Rabbit Haven said to call her. Her number is 831 600-7479 She will get me out –I am spayed I am healthy –Please give me a chance to live. Love, Claudette

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