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Boycott Amazon until they remove "To Train Up A Child" from sale worldwide in all formats.

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Please make a public statement asking Amazon to follow their own content guidelines prohibiting offensive material. This is a danger to children and advocates abuse - some of which would be illegal if parents were to practice them in a number of the countries in which it is sold. Several of the techniques defined in the book may be construed as "torture" under the guidelines of the Geneva Convention.

This book details gruesome methods of corporal punishment and has been linked to several cases of explicit child abuse including the deaths of children in at least 3 separate incidents. "To Train Up a Child," is a book that instructs parents to begin "switching" children and includes instructions on how to use flexible plumbing pipe to hit them. It was found in the home of Larry and Carri Williams, convicted of murdering their adopted child, Hanna Williams.  

Please help us prevent further harm to children and help us hold Amazon morally accountable for their business practices.

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