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I strongly support the EPA's proposal to limit industrial carbon pollution from new power plants.

Fossil fuel burning power plants are the single largest source of dangerous carbon pollution in our nation and one of the largest in the world. And it's NOT responsible for the U.S. to have NO limits on carbon pollution from power plants!

EPA's proposed clean air standards limiting dangerous carbon pollution from coal- and gas-fired power plants will protect public health, fight climate change, and help our economy by sparking innovation in clean energy technologies.

We must protect human health, the environment and our economy from dangerous carbon pollution.

Our communities, our families and our children are counting on your leadership.


Environmental Defense Fund

The EPA has proposed a landmark standard for climate pollution from new power plants—one that will help end dirty energy as we know it today.

But industry leaders and their friends in Congress have already started launching attacks, attempting to stop this progress in its tracks.

Don't let them win! Take action today, and show your support for EPA's efforts to fight climate change.


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