Sign the Petition to the American Humane Association (AHA) to actually protect animals used in film, television and commercials. We will also petition state & federal legislators to enact stricter animal protection laws as the AHA has failed miserably.


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What we will ask our legislators ::

We the undersigned believe animals should be better protected when used in movie productions in the United States.

We thought there were laws protecting animals in movies, and as there is no substantive or non-biased protection, we ask for humane laws regarding the use of animals in the filming of any movie distributed in the United States.

We as that a new oversight organization be entrusted with animal protection as the American Humane Association has proven themselves to be to close to the movie industry, and are actually now part of the problem.

We ask that the use of wild animals in movies be prohibited, as they are not trainable unless subjected to what amounts to torture, and their use constitutes animal cruelty.

We ask that the use of animal carcasses be prohibited from use in movies as props.

We ask for certification to be required by law, of any film that uses animals, that no animals were injured or harmed during the filming of that movie, including protection of these animals when off set.

We ask that any film distributed in the United States, regardless of where that film was produced, abide by animal protection legislation.

We ask that injury to animals used in the making of a film, TV or commercial be classified as a felony animal cruelty act, instead of the current misdemeanor.


Patrick Doyle

Our purpose is to enlighten the public to these gaping holes in animal protection, and to help push for enactment of stricter laws protecting the use of animals (domestic and wild) in movies, the elimination of animal carcasses in movies, and the requirement that any film produced outside the United States for distribution in the U.S., must conform to all proposed animal cruelty laws.


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