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Have speed bumps placed from Bloemond to Seroe Pita

Please support us and sign to have the Aruban government build speed bumps on the main road that travels from Bloemond and Tamarijn to Seroe Pita/Piedra Plat. This road has become a virtual racetrack since it was resurfaced two years ago. We do not appreciate people driving like maniacs on this road. We are tired of all the accidents. We no longer want to fear for our own lives, and that of our loved ones. If you live along this road, you know what it is like. Please help us urge the government to place speed bumps.


Remo Kock

How this will help

With enough signatures maybe the Minister of Infrastructure will take our call serious enough to have speed bumps placed every 100 m, to slow down traffic, before somebody gets killed.

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