Sign the Petition to Walmart Director Rob Walton: Decent Pay, Not Hand Outs

We are horrified to learn that, instead of paying workers a decent wage, Walmart started a fundraiser asking employees to feed their hungry coworkers. This isn’t right. We call on Walmart to pay workers the wages they need to feed a family.


Making Change at Walmart

"I am a father of three. With the insufficient hours and the low pay that I get at Walmart, I will make around $12,000 this year. I don't need cable or to own a house, but I shouldn't have to rely on food stamps or donate plasma just to feed my kids when I have a job."
–ANTHONY GOYTIA OUR Walmart member  

As the holidays approach, many Walmart workers are finding they don't have enough money to make do for their families. 

Workers have long been speaking out, calling on Walmart to publicly commit to more hours, better pay and respect at work. Instead of making changes, Walmart has fired or threatened those who have the courage to call on the company to change.  

Show your support for workers by signing the petition calling on Walmart to pay its workers the wages they need to feed a family.


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