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We demand that you stop the routine practice of feeding antibiotics to turkeys. Your indiscriminate use of antibiotics on holiday turkeys may help you fatten up your birds faster, but it's also creating antibiotic-resistant bacteria—and that is leading to a serious public health problem. Consumers are wising up. Producers of organic, antibiotic-free turkeys report that sales are up, and they are having trouble meeting demand for a healthier, more humane alternative to Butterball turkeys. We urge Butterball to become the first major brand to do the right thing, and start raising healthier birds, on antibiotic-free feed.


Organic Consumers Association

You have 256 days left to sign.

Did you know that the majority of holiday turkeys destined for your table can't fly or walk because they were kept in tight spaces and continuously fed antibiotics to make them fat? 

Did you also know that your Butterball turkey could actually make you sick?    

Scientists have determined that the indiscriminate use of antibiotics in turkey feed is producing antibiotic-resistant bugs. And those bugs are turning up in turkey meat.

Even scarier? It's getting harder to treat humans and animals for diseases because of over-exposure to antibiotics from eating meat and poultry.  People sickened by these bacteria (superbugs) increasingly need to try several antibiotics before one succeeds. It's only a matter of time before none of these antibiotics will be effective in treating human illness.

Why feed turkeys antibiotics? One reason. Profit.  Butterball wants to create bigger turkeys as fast as possible. And as cheaply as possible. So the company can make more money.

But while Butterball counts its money, you get sick. And the general public faces an increased risk of the spread of dangerous infections that no longer respond to antibiotics, because the overuse of those antibiotics has made us resistant to them.

Antibiotics are for sick people, not for healthy food.  Please sign the petition. Ask Butterball to change the way it produces holiday turkeys.




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