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Help Save The Death Row Bunnies

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URGENT!  Orange, CA    

These bunnies have a Review Date of 11/21/13 which means they can be put down this date  (tomorrow) if not fostered or adopted.    

Fostering can give these rabbits more time to be adopted.
Please contact Kim Butler 310-777-0840 if you are able to foster and call the shelter to adopt ASAP.  If you cannot reach Kim quickly, please leave her a message and pull the bunny so it is safe.

Kennel: AVOH  OC ANIMAL CARE SHELTER,  561 The City Drive South Orange, CA. 92868,  714-935-6848 OR 949-249-5160      

Please help save these bunnies lives, they want to live. 

Image and video hosting by TinyPic   TOMMY  can be a little nervous but he is still easy to handle. He probably is still adjusting to his surroundings, still he is very friendly and sweet! He just wants to bury his face in your elbow and give you some love! Pet ID: A1282700  Sex: M Age: 1 Year  Color: WHITE - BLACK  Breed: RABBIT  
Image and video hosting by TinyPic   LESLIE is very curious about everything, she likes to explore the yard and run and jump in the air, so cute!! And if she see's you coming with a banana, look out cause that's when she gets really excited!! Pet ID: A1282705  Sex: F Age: 1 Year  Color: BLACK  Breed: RABBIT 
Image and video hosting by TinyPic   ARNOLD  Pet ID: A1282706  Sex: M Age: 1 Year  Color: WHITE - BLACK  Breed: RABBIT  Thank you for your continued support,  For The Rabbits, Linda Sue   


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