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Stop illegal hunting of Migratory Birds in Pakistan

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How this will help

"Honorable Speaker of National Assembly of Pakistan,

It's Winter, and it's the time for the arrival of Migratory Birds from Europe, Central Asia and Siberia to the wetlands of Pakistan. Several endangered migratory birds including Siberian cranes and bustards are being hunted indiscriminately. Both species of the migratory birds flying into Pakistan from Siberia during the winter months are listed in the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (Cities) with 14,000 other endangered species in Pakistan including birds, other animals and plants. 

The locals have been found shooting at flocks of Siberian cranes flying overhead during winter with their AK-47 machine guns just for leisure and on the other hand members of royal families from the Middle East, particularly those in Saudi Arabia, are often given licenses to hunt endangered migratory birds, such as Bustards, despite the stringent restrictions. International laws are been violated. These birds are of much Ecological importance as they prey on insects and weeds and thus contributing towards the betterment of Agriculture and Environment. In an era of unstable climate change the environmental disaster is elevated by the mass killing of such birds. 

I request your honor to kindly take strict actions against illegal hunting of Migratory Birds in Pakistan and impose a complete ban on hunting of these Birds.  I, hope that this request will get your kind consideration and mercy towards your "Guests" the poor Migratory Birds.

Sincerely "

Please act soon, copy the above text and Email to: [email protected] 

Speaker National Assembly of Pakistan, to save the Migratory Birds.

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