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Seth McFarlane

I appeal to you Mr. Seth McFarlane as the hilarious movie maker that you are to produce on a movie depicting the rise and fall of our very own Rob "Duffy" Ford.

The script is writing itself. This would be the hit movie of the century! Public drunkenness, crack smoking, public urination, getting drunk in office, hiring prostitutes, mocking cab drivers' Pakistani accents... Just to name a few of the countless acts sof utter stupidity and embarrassment that would make one ashamed and wildly entertained belonging to the city of Toronto. It's too bad Chris Farley is no longer with us. He would have absolutely been the best candidate to play the main role of "Duffy".

Please do the world a favour and record history for future generations. No one can do it better than you.


Tony Hanna

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By signing this petition you're showing Hollywood how many of us are dying to see Rob Ford's story come to life in a comedy movie!

We want it and we want it now!!

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