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Finally wake up and take action, it's already too late for many gone and many soon to follow

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Wanna know what's happening to the Syrian revolution against a bloody dictator and his blood thirsty gang? The west allows Iran to play it's game and take over in order to make a deal on the nuclear, and lets Bashar go on with his war, backed by Russia to destroy what's still left there in order to take out the chemicals. That way everybody is happy including Israel. (Same policy they followed starving half a million Iraqi kids to death because of sanctions against a dictator, and killing another half of Iraqi kids fighting that dictator, a dictator they put and financed for years and years and shook hands with after gassing thousands of Kurds to death, all in order to get cheap oil.) Fuck the humans in Syria being killed in hundreds everyday, let extremists get in through Turkey and get financed through other countries, each with their own agenda, burn up the whole place and crush it to the ground. That's how the world will learn what happens to those who want real freedom from poppet dictators and their masters at the same time. No freedom unless under our conditions. NO flourishing of a people if they don't buy our products. And may the world rest in peace.. (In whatever form and way we choose that fits our goals of reaching maximum wealth for those of us in power).

Hopefully this pledge will help make the world a better place and save the human race from destroying itself, sleep walking like zombies behind greedy liars we appoint as world leaders to take care of us, but all they do is steer the only boat we have directly into the huge iceberg ahead.

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