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PLEASE SHARE THIS FOR CECILIA, SHE WILL BE PTS 11/13/13!The Rabbit Cause pages are not working properly PLEASE SHARE!!

Hi I am Cecilia.  Can you please help me get out of the shelter?I only have until 5PM on 11-13.  I am worried.A few weeks ago I was dumped out in the street and finally a nice person picked me up and brought me to the shelter. All this is a blur to me now –I have even more pressing issues….I have a little eye injury that is old and has healed but it has landed me on the euthanasia list at the shelter.

Here is a photo of my eye, You decide.  My eye does not bother me at all, My eye does not hurt.  It is not red r swollen. I will have a special grant to help me get to see an Opthalmologist though just to be sure.  ($500.00) Does that help?I am a quiet girl and very scared right now.  I just started to relax butt hen I got this bad news. So, Auntie Heather said she would write to see if there is someone who will help take me in. She said she would eve give the persona FREE spay certificate for Four Paws clinic AND she will arrange transport. She can even find a spot for me for two days if you need to make arrangements –but I have to leave shelter on 11-14.  The Haven is very full of other rabbits right now.  } : =I use my litter box, I am shy, but I am gentle.  I was  learning to play.

I want to live
so I hope you are reading this and will be my savior! Please Call Auntie Heather at 831 600-7479 and Email too [email protected] or at [email protected]. Please act right away - This can't be the end for me –I am a good bunny.  Let me show you how special I am –Please give me a chance.

The following are notes from shelter
Comments:   11/04/13 16:00 Recommend rescue due to apparent fibrosis and attachment of their is to the cornea on the right eye and thinning hair along the inner thighs. End date 11/13/13.


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