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Even in New York City, the cultural capital of the world, access to the arts is a luxury that is often beyond the means of those who live here. Our public school system is especially sorely lacking in arts education. 

At Turtle Bay Music School, we believe in the power of music. We believe that everyone is welcome to share our passion for music, regardless of age, ability or economic status; that music education should be made available to all school-aged children; and that community service is an integral way for our school to share its mission and values with the people of New York. We believe that music changes lives.

Turtle Bay Music School seeks to equalize access to high-quality music education and performances in New York City. We provide free and low-cost music education, performances, and community events to thousands of New Yorkers every year through our outreach programs: The Saturday Music ProjectPublic School Partnerships, and the Hear It Now! Free Concert Series.

Your donation today helps us continue to fulfill 100% of financial aid requests; to offer four years of tuition-free music education through the Saturday Music Project; to bring music education back into schools, reaching over 2,500 public school students; and to present hundreds of performances by world-class musicians, completely free of charge.

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