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Los Angeles Unified School District Board of Education

We urge you to implement new policies to inform parents about on-campus sexual crimes among students in a timely manner.

As was reported in the Los Angeles Times, in spring 2010, a 10-year old male student at Superior St. Elementary School in Los Angeles was found to have physically and sexually assaulted a 9-year old female student with special needs in 5 separate incidents during the Beyond the Bell after-school program. A jury awarded the victim $1.4 million for injuries suffered due to inadequate supervision.

Parents at Superior St. have repeated asked these simple questions: Doesn't the school community have a right to know what happened on their campus in a timely manner? Before a parent enrolls their child in Beyond the Bell, shouldn't they know about the jury award that resulted from a crime on the same campus?


Californians for Safe Schools

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Parents at Superior St. School are urging the public to join us in sending a clear message to the seven members of the LAUSD Board of Education, and school districts throughout California, by signing this petition.

We are seeking a new policy that requires LAUSD schools to inform parents about on-campus physical or sexual crimes between students that result in an arrest, conviction, and/or jury award in a timely manner. Parents should not have to learn about such crimes in the newspaper, and school principals should not have their hands tied in reporting such news due to the vagueness or absence of a clear district policy. 

We believe that strong public support will compel the LAUSD School Board to do the right thing, and create momentum for school districts throughout the state of California to adopt similar policies for their schools.

THANK YOU for your support.

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