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To African Union, UN, US government, European Union, Human Right Watch, Ethiopian government, Arab legue and Saudi government

Stop the barbaric acts (torture, killing and sexual abuse) of Ethiopians and other immigrants in Saudi Arabia.

Help Ethiopia to bring back the immigrants in Saudi back to their home.

You the abusers, torturers, killers of Saudi and Saudi government who failed to control its citizens to behave civil. If you do not stop to what you are doing, the people will be forced to act the way you are acting. It might be illegal but let it be, you are forcing the people to be nasty, we will be forced to take back Saudi investors property and give it to the abused , killed and tortured immigrants, if killings and barbaric abuses are not stopped immediately.


Mulubrhan Dagnew

This petition closed over 6 years ago

How this will help

It will force the Saudi government control its citizens, get Ethiopian immigrants to their country. It will bring economic empowerment of immigrant women.


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