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LIVE in LOVE in my thoughts, in my words, and in my actions everyday.

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How this will help

By keeping your pledge, "Live in Love." You will make the world a better place. Love is contagious, so spread it with every chance you get. With each passing day, hundreds more people are reaching a higher level of consciousness and are truly 'waking up.' Realizing their journeys on this earth and the real truth behind our corrupt government, politics, media, corporations, etc. we all have to power to change this world and the life so many live and struggle in. There is one thing that the big corporations, greedy, untrustworthy government and media can't take from us: our undying eternal love for Our Creator, Life and LOVE.

That smile you shared, spread to fifteen other people.

That change that you gave, helped provide someone a warm meal.

That person you said hi to this morning was thinking about committing suicide when they got home. 

That elderly woman you helped in the store, lost her husband last week. 

That toy you donated, helped out a single mother struggling to make christmas happen this year.

That man you let go ahead of you, was on his way to his first ultrasound.

That boy you made laugh, goes home to his parents yelling all night.

Those clothes you donated, kept someone warm living in the streets.

That cashier you held a conversation with, is in an abusive relationship.

That person you stuck up for, spends their nights alone.

"You never know who may be in need of your Love, but they are everywhere some more transparent as others. Just remember you never know what someone is going through, be an inspiration in their life, that strand of hope, that candle in the dark, that friendly stranger. Do that and someday we may achieve world peace and in doing so making peace with ourselves."

"Buried deep within each of us is a spark of greatness, a spark than can be fanned into flames of passion and achievement. That spark is not outside of you it is born deep within you." ~ James A. Ray

"LIVE in LOVE because you only have one life to LIVE." - Jacob Brock Lorentz

MY DREAM (goal) is that one day when we have enough people pledged, we can show the world that there are those that believe in peace. AND that our numbers outweigh the political parties and world powers by tens of thousands even hundreds of thousands! A day when we can all in whatever country, state, city, come together for one day and when the sun sets light candles, for hope that one day peace will be achieved. News crews will fly over head, report live, make it known and it will be noticed that multiple countries around the world, entire states, and cities participated in this global event on the same day at the same time to remind everyone that WE ARE ALL HUMAN BEINGS and PEACE IS SOMETHING THAT ONLY WE CAN ACHIEVE! I understand, that right now, 100 people are not many but if we can all share this message and spread the word and keep up to date with this campaign someday this dream will become more than a dream and press into reality! 


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