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President of India

H.E. the President Sir,
We the citizens of India, are utterly dismayed by continuing injustice to Gujarat riot victims. We consider clean chit and exoneration of chief minister Narendar Modi as scandal.

Please order comprehensive CBI probe in Gujarat riots and fake encounters, including Modi's role: on the basis of confessions made by Gordhan Zadafia and D.G. Vanzara, on the basis of various Tehelka exposures, reports by Supreme Court Lawyer Raju Ramchandran, declarations by Sanjiv Bhatt and R.B. Sreekumar, as well as reports by many national and statutory bodies. How all these got ignored by SIT?


Tau Qeer

This petition closed over 2 years ago

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H.E. the President Sir,

Please order independent comprehensive CBI probe in Gujarat riots and fake encounters, including Modi's role, and action against culprits: on the basis of confessions made...

H.E. the President Sir,

Please order independent comprehensive CBI probe in Gujarat riots and fake encounters, including Modi's role, and action against culprits: on the basis of confessions made by former Gujrat state Home Minister Gordhan Zadafia, confessions made by D.G. Vanzara (I.P.S, DIGP, of Gujarat), on the basis of various Tehelka exposures, reports by amicus curiae, Supreme Court Lawyer, declarations by Sanjiv Bhatt (then DCP-Intelligence) and R.B. Sreekumar (then ADGP), and reports by various national and statutory bodies.

We consider clean chit and exoneration of Narendar Modi as judiciary scandal. Most of those who actually murdered, raped and burned are roaming free, ministers who led the mobs, and Sangh Parivar members who turned up with petrol cans. Is this not a scandal? The very low conviction rate in the murders and crimes done in public view with hundreds of witnesses - are in fact scandals.

Our reservations:

1. We demand probe into the alleged prima facie 'criminality' indicated in conversations of this vedio were changed 3 times frequently for saving criminals, interfering in judiciary to save mass murderers, thus denying justice to victims. The 3rd judge released all criminals (See vedio). Is this not judiciary scandal.

2. Did the SIT probe why Gujrat police became inactive suddenly after the Godhra carnage and allowed large-scale rioting to take place. Why the Court allowed SIT to deceive by saying that presence of Cabinet Ministers in Police Control Rooms did not paralyze the police, despite compelling evidences.

3. Gujarat Chief Minister N Modi asked the police administration, at a meeting on the night of February 27, 2002, to allow Hindu backlash to the Godhra train-burning incident. This was testified by the statement of Sanjiv Bhatt, then DCP-Intelligence to SIT, and R.B. Sreekumar, then ADGP (SRP).

What is the proof that Sanjeev Bhatt did not attend that meeting? Why no Minutes of Meeting was recorded? Intentionally? To refute culpability if anyone goes against?

Justices Sawant and Suresh had also stated that other officers like Vinod Mall, Himanshu Bhatt and Samiullah Ansari from Gujarat also deposed before them and spoke about "illegal instructions from the top".

4. Why SIT was not penalized for passing sensitive information to Gujrat administration? Thereby it colluded in destroying evidence. Is this all simply a dereliction of duty and negligence or criminal act of conspiracy and abetment? You decide.

5. Modi destroyed vital investigative records of post Godhra riots quietly in 2007, as a cover up. Even if we concede that the records were 5 years old and can be destroyed by government; Was court permission not required before destroying them? He was a prime accused in the case, and should be held accountable for destroying evidences especially because the cases against perpetrators were still going on, and the records were vital evidences to ensure justice. Reference:

6. Supreme Court's amicus curiae, senior lawyer Mr Raju Ramachandran, in both his interim report (January 20, 2011) and final report (July 25, 2011), clearly stated that N Modi should be tried before a court of law".

7. When four constitutional and statutory bodies National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), Election Commission, Supreme Court and Gujarat High Court, after field visits and detailed examination, said that there was a "comprehensive and systemic failure of the State government, its Home Department, police and bureaucracy to perform fundamental tasks," then why SIT was allowed to ignore them.

8. SIT defended Gujrat Government by claiming violence was "spontaneous reaction" of people. It utterly disregarded the inflammatory leaflets distributed, Speeches by State leaders inciting mobs to go on killing spree; Post mortem of burnt train victims was done in full public view to incite as much rage as possible; Cabinet Minister Maya Kodnani distributed arms and ammunition to mobs...

Does the killings of thousands of people not even deserve to be investigated? Are our democratic institutions not being weakened by vested interests? Is our sacred faith in judiciary not being undermined?

We request HE President of India, being a person with impeccable integrity, to order CBI investigation into riots and fake encounters, including chief minister Modi's role.

Legal action needs to be taken against such elements for inciting communal hatred, preventing police administration from carrying out constitutional duties, interfering and changing public prosecutors & judges frequently to sabotage justice, destroying vital investigative records, unconstitutional behavior degrading the oath of Office, etc. Are such persons not a threat to peace, harmony and national integration?

Aam Aadmi of India


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