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Great news! 225,000 Oxfam supporters from around the world have stood up for farmers and their land rights. You told three of the biggest companies in the sugar industry – Coca-Cola, PepsiCo and Associated British Foods – to make sure their sugar doesn't lead to land grabs.
And they're listening! Coke – the world's biggest sugar buyer – just publicly committed to a zero tolerance policy against land grabs, helping ensure that farmers' land rights are respected throughout their supply chain. 
Pepsi has no excuse to keep lagging behind. They have a huge shareholder meeting coming up, so they're especially sensitive to how this looks right now.  This is our moment to turn up the pressure.

Send a message to Pepsi right now: Challenge them to join Coke and show zero tolerance for land grabs.
In Brazil, nearly half of land conflicts in the state of Pernambuco are related to sugar production. One of Pespi's sugar suppliers, Usina Trapiche, has been in a decades-long conflict with a local fishing community over use of islands in the Sirinhaém estuary. 
The families who used to live in this community no longer have anywhere to plant their fruit trees, cassava and other crops. Plus, the slums where they're now forced to live are a great distance from their ancestral fishing grounds. As a result, many people in the community have been left homeless and jobless, unable to support themselves – all because of the global demand for sugar forced them off their land. 
Pepsi has the power to help make sure the sugar they source and produce doesn't leave communities hungry and homeless – but they won't, unless you speak up.
You told Coke to take action to stop land grabs and, now, they are. It's time to challenge Pepsi to do the same – send them a message right now >>
Thank you for taking action with us.
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