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Help teens save their friends from bullying, suicide and violence!

This pledge closed about 4 years ago

How this will help is an incredibly simple solution to a massive problem.

It seems that in every case where a teen is being bullied, has hurt themselves or harmed someone else, someone in their peer group knew. They knew their friend was in trouble, being bullied, thinking about suicide or even talking about harming others - but remained silent. These friends don't share because - as crazy as this sounds - most school don't have a truly anonymous way for a student to share their concern.

As adults we don't understand, but out of fear of becoming the next bullying victim (when it gets out that they told), angering their friend (when it gets out that they told) or simply being embarrassed publicly (when it gets out that they told) teens are reluctant to share what they know with an adult who could have helped save lives. is a completely free service that allows any school to register and place a Friendwatch button on their website. Any student can then click on this button, share their concerns or information, and submit it directly to school administrators and student assistance teams...with complete anonymity.

It's an amazingly simple problem to solve when you think about it; not unlike simply pushing instead of pulling the door. Teens have important information that could save lives, but one thing blocks them from sharing it more than any other; fear. We MUST remove that fear, by removing their exposure. We have to give them a truly anonymous way to instantly, and electronically, share what they know in a way they are comfortable with.

It's 100% free, takes 10 minutes to register, and is delivering tremendous results int he schools that have already signed up.

Please convince your school to visit - and register today!

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