Sign the Petition to Governor Susana Martinez

New Mexico Game and Fish vehicles encourage citizens to "TAKE A CHILD HUNTING, FISHING, OR TRAPPING." We feel that trapping is sanctioned torture of animals. It is supported by a small fraction of the general public, and practiced by even fewer.To submit a child to the horror of animal trapping could cause permanent mental injury to a child; children should never witness trapping, much less be encouraged by the our State Government to participate in it.Governor, this offensive statement must be removed from state vehicles and replaced with one that encourages more positive activities for children than killing.


Bold Visions Conservation

This petition will hopefully lead to an executive order to replace this offensive statement. It will also begin to open the Governor's eyes to some of the offensive moves of the New Mexico Game and Fish Department , and its leader, Jim Lane (also a trapper.) Departments that manage wildlife should be operated by people who care about wildlife.


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