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Stop Poaching, save elephants.

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Many people don't understand the vital role that Elephants play in theelicate dance preformed throughout the African ecosystems. Elephants areconsidered a keystone species in the African landscape. That meanselephants play a key role in maintaining the balance of all other species inthe community. They pull down trees and break up thorny bushes, which helpto create grasslands for other animals to survive. They create salt licks thatare rich in nutrients for other animals. They dig waterholes in dry river bedsthat other animals can use as a water source, and their foot prints createdeep holes that water can collect in. They create trails that act as firebreakers and water run offs.  Other animals, including humans,depend on the openings elephants create in the forest and brush and in the waterholes they dig. Elephant dung(droppings) is important to the environment as well. Baboons and birds pick through dung for undigested seedsand nuts, and dung beetles reproduce in these deposits. The nutrient-rich manure replenishes depleted soils sothat humans can have a nutrient rich soil to plant crops in. Elephant Droppings are also a vehicle for seeddispersal. Some seeds will not germinate unless they have passed through an elephant's digestive system


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