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See spayathons from Buhusi and Bistrita!

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Thanks to the Dream Team of Romania Animal Rescue vets, techs, program coordinator, and all the local volunteers who made our recent road trip of spayathons successful in Buhusi and Bistrita!  RAR was able to provide free spay/neuter along with free veterinary care in these communities, thanks to your donations!

206 dogs and cats were spayed/neutered, free of charge, in Buhusi.  Thank you to Walk4Dogs for their sponsorship of 100 spay/neuters for dogs!  Thank you to Toni for sponsoring spaying of cats!  And THANK YOU generous donors for your donations!

In Bistrita, 163 animals were spayed/neutered during our campaign there.  This brings our total for the month in Bistrita to 213 animals that will no longer reproduce, and no longer will puppies and kittens face abandonmet to a horrible fate.  Thank you to YOU, our wonderful supporters, for this gift of life-saving help in Bistrita!

Thank you to the tremendous guardians who brought their animals in for these great campaigns.  We can do it....together we can change the way Romanian animals live.  Thank you everyone!

Next up....Ramnicu Sarat and more more more in Craiova!;  paypal:  [email protected]


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