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Abandoned at a local shelter, Reed was only five weeks old when PetPromise, a nonprofit pet rescue organization in Central Ohio, saved this sweet little fellow from being euthanized. To look at his soft and gentle face now, to see his tiny paws curled in restful sleep, so sure of the love that surrounds him, you'd never know that he had almost been tossed away with his littermates like trash for being "too young." 
PetPromise bottle-fed little Reed until he was able to eat on his own and then prepared to find him his One-True-Home. Unfortunately, just as this gentle and loving puppy was about to find the family he so deserves, it was discovered that he suffers from a rare birth defect, a portosystemic shunt. This condition prevents blood from filtering through his liver, causing toxic material to build up in his body. His growth has been severely stunted, and, in time, the toxins in his blood will likely damage his central nervous system and could end his life.  PetPromise wants to give Reed a chance to enjoy that One-True-Home he was almost so cruelly denied. As soon as he gains enough weight, he'll be able to have surgery to close the shunt and allow blood to flow through his liver properly. This lifesaving procedure can give Reed his much deserved second chance – a chance for walks in the park, Frisbees to chase, and all the love a family can provide him. Without the surgery, his prognosis is grim. Reed and PetPromise need your support in order to save Reed's life. Any donation will help greatly, so please … won't you help little Reed live the life he so deserves? Thank you!

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