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Torontonians, lets get to the polls next election.

Toronto is becoming a parking lot from what was once a #Beautifulcity. We are being divided along ideological lines, this is wrong. This is a place where we encourage divergent views for all levels of politics. We must support each other and respect one another, which Rob Ford has shown an inability to do. Just as the anti-bullying movement started gaining traction we, admittedly I as well, voted in Rob Ford who has turned out to be such a bully that our city has lost the momentum toward improving our schools, our public spaces, and the way we debate issues online. There have been token gestures by the Mayor to "support" anti-bullying that I believe are an attempt to give an impression that he opposes bullying and discrimination, and it is my belief these were disingenuous. We must demonstrate that the school system is taking necessary steps to address bullying and if our mayor steps in then we should see progress reports, not a mayor who is constantly bullying other people himself.

Please join me on the Ford Nation facebook group I acquired.


Tobias Bushey

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The goal of this petition is to show that there is support for change in the way our city conducts itself and how we treat our political discourse, and how we treat each other as well.

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