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Imagine a  business where you paid no tax? where you could abuse animals, burning them alive, burying them alive and make money? Imagine no control on waste management? No need to care for the environment? and you could even promote the health benefits of boiling a dog and cat to make ' the new viagra"- 

Dog and Cat meat eating takes place in so many countries and torture is frequently demanded to " sweeten the meat".

There will never be a human way to slaughter dogs and cats

This can not continue a minute more. At NoToDogMeat we campaign on behalf of the registered charity  115424 World Protection for Dogs and Cats in the Meat Trade to give these poor creatures some hope.

Please join us. It is easy to download a flyer or buy a t shirt or sign a petition. It is easy to post or tweet #NoToDogMeat #NoToCatMeat


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