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Share João Rafael Kovalski's photo on social media everywhere in the world

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How this will help

By sharing João Rafael Kovalski's photo internationally, someone may recognize this toddler that was abducted from his family in the south of Brazil on August 24th, 2013 and bring him back home. The more awareness there is, the more chances we have of finding him and bring him to his family.
If anyone in the world sees or has seen this child, please contact the following numbers in Brazil immediately, please:
+ 55 (41) 8850 0273  or +55 (41) 3678 6050 SICRIDE or +55 (41) 3224-6822

His family is desperately looking for him. We need your help to bring this toddler back to his mom, dad and twin sister.

Please share! Thank you for your support!


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