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Ask my mayor to publicly support the freedom to marry

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How this will help

When mayors speak up for the freedom to marry, they bring attention to why marriage matters in their local community and, more broadly, in their state. From their first-hand experience, mayors know that the freedom to marry enhances the economic competitiveness of their communities, improves the lives of families who live in their cities, and - above all - is simply the right thing to do.

From the largest cities in the country to small towns, from the East Coast to the West Coast, from rural areas to suburban areas, from Red State to Blue State, a bipartisan coalition of mayors has come together in support of the freedom to marry. 

In August 2013, Mayors for the Freedom to Marry announced a new  goal - Light Up the Map. Now with eight co-chairs (here) (including the mayors of NYC, San Antonio, LA, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Houston, Boston, and Phoenix), the program's goal is to get 500 mayors from all 50 states to sign on as Mayors for the Freedom to Marry. 

So far, 373 mayors from 36 states have signed onto the statement. With your help we will reach our goal, take the pledge to light up the map and ask your mayor to stand for marriage equality.

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