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Lisa Bailey, President/CEO of the Chamber of Commerce of Irwindale, CA

We ask that you drop your excessive lawsuit against Sriracha manufacturer, Huy Fong Foods. If you have an issue with the “strong, offensive chili odor” emanating from the Azusa Canyon Road factory, then perhaps you should work with the company to find another solution - one that doesn't involve halting operations at the plant.

Thank you for understanding our love of sriracha.


Jade Batstone

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How this will help

Officials of Irwindale, the California city that is home to Huy Fong Foods, has filed suit asking that the company cease making sriracha hot sauce until it reduces alleged smelly, irritating emissions. 

Apparently more than two dozen local citizens have complained about the stinky odors coming from the factory - calling it a public nuisance. 

Tomorrow, a judge will rule whether to temporarily shutter the factory until the problem is fixed. The result could be that millions will be left without any way to properly season their pho and pork buns for the benefit of a few sensitive nostrils - we're calling bs. 

Sign the petition to support Huy Fong Foods in their legal battle against the oversensitive officials of Irwindale, CA!

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