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This is a critical time in the fight for justice. Military leaders are doubling down on bad policy, even as Americans watched with horror as the victim in the US Naval Academy sexual assault case faced an unconscionable attack. While this young woman bravely came forward to report her rape, she was forced to endure more than 20 hours of inappropriate cross-examination and public humiliation in a routine pre-trial hearing, while her attorney was prevented from protecting her rights.

One thing is clear: the system is broken.You have the opportunity to stand with Protect our Defenders at the front line of this fight for change. We're working with survivors and policymakers to pass reforms to end the abusive cross-examinations of victims, known as Article 32 hearings, which in the civilian justice system, victims would not even need to attend.Now is the time to act. Become a Protect our Defenders Champion – donate now!

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