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This Petition seeks Governor's Clemency to release Joe Garcia, wrongfully convicted and imprisoned the past 25 years for eight (8) crimes in one trial - rapes, attempted rapes, and burglaries - that allegedly occurred in 1989 in San Luis Obispo County, California. The high profile case conveniently disposed of the politically embarrassing unsolved cases despite there was no hard evidence, no fingerprints, no DNA match in 1989, just an elaborately crafted story of a "Central Coast Serial Rapist" who did not exist but the story leaked to media got his young female prosecutor an instant judgeship appointment by former Governor Pete Wilson who was elected on "tough on crime" politics. Joe's witnesses and records supported his alibis -- His wife, friends, business associates and pastor supported him. He was even detained in JAIL at the time of one of the alleged crimes yet was convicted of it anyhow! For a FREE pdf e-book download of "PAST MISTAKES," Joe's incredible life story, go to: and Click on Link to "Joseph's Story"--and Link to "Sign Joseph's Petition."

Some time after his conviction the inconclusive DNA evidence "disappeared"-- evidence that his Prosecutor said (on the record) would be preserved indefinitely in case of Appeals." The DNA "disappeared" when, his lawyer requested it under the new 2004 law for post-conviction DNA testing and under new science. The DNA "disappeared" without required legal Notice, nor record of when or by whose authority, so that the conspiracy to convict an innocent man would remain covered up and the persons responsible can remain unaccountable. Each of the young women described their attacker differently -- as Black, White, Hispanic, different height and build, age 18-20 (Joe was 42 and is Native American), even different vehicles -- suggesting multiple perpetrators. Some even NAMED their attacker(s) in police reports, and when shown rigged photo lineups some emphatically said "It wasn't him." Other witnesses that could have helped his case were hidden, prevented from testifying by the D.A. But when the alleged victims testified in Court, 2 years later, trial transcripts reveal they changed stories and each pointed to Joe as coached. From interviews and reading the police reports, and 6,000 pages of his trial transcripts, it's obvious HOW and WHY that could happen -- almost identical to other wrongfully convicted cases such as that of Michael Morton who spent 25 years in prison before exoneration (CNN, Dec. 8, 2013). But unlike Morton, who was exonerated based on DNA, Joe Garcia could not get help from the Innocence Project due to the mysteriously missing DNA.

Please add your name in support of this petition. And if anyone has any information about any of the 1989 incidents for which he was wrongfully convicted, you can write, confidentially, to:

PO BOX 368
CHINO, CA 91708


Lori Carangelo

How this will help

Once a good number of supporting signatures are obtained, we will send it with documentation to Governor Jerry Brown for" Clemency Due To Innocence," and alert media to Joe's plight.

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