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Governor Bobby Jindal

Please ask Governor Jindal and the Louisiana State Officials to put the Physical and psychological well-being of Tony the Tiger first.

It is in Tony's best interest to remain safe, where he is loved, healthy and obviously thrived for over Thirteen Years with his bonded owner. Moving him to another cage is Hardly “Freeing” Tony as he can never be released into the wild and he will most likely become depressed with separation anxiety, ill or possibly put down for not adjusting.

Tony and his owner, Michael Sandlin have been under legal attack by a conglomeration of Animal Rights groups for years. In 2009 Big Cat Rescue Tampa hired an attorney to represent Tony the tiger in an effort to have him removed from the truck stop based upon an existing ban on the private possession of big cats in Iberville Parish, while portraying Tony to be living in bad conditions.

They have used misleading videos, false allegations of poor health and cruelty. The ALDF references Hollywood movie stars such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Kristin Bauer instead of Qualified Tiger Experts or Exotic Veterinarians, and despite the years of allegations factually the only argument made for Tony's removal is a technicality in his permit.

Tony is not hit by diesel fuel 24 hours a day, he has never been touched by any kind of fuel or liquid other than water, his exhibit is hundreds of feet from any gas or diesel pump, and he remains Healthy while living in a large grassy enclosure is four times the size approved. These surroundings are no different than any Accredited Zoo setting.

Tony is the Truck Stops Mascot, just like Mike is the Mascot of LSU, please do not support this agenda of hate and support what is in Tony's best interest.

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Linda Sue

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