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Ensure my charity builds on hope and empowerment: to give a hand up!

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By supporting budding or potential entrepreneurs in under developed regions, your charity allows poor people to lift themselves and their families out of poverty using their own ideas and abilities. When charity is given in the form of training, guidance and access to capital to start and succeed at viable small enterprises, motivated individuals and groups will drive their community's development. And, this development will be more sustainable then that which is built on hand-outs. We have seen this happen throughout America and other developed countries. It is important to ensure that a long-term sustainable service to the poor operates ethically and effectively in Africa and throughout the world. Charity in this form not only changes the lives of the entrepreneurs, but changes the entire community.  Too often conventional forms of charity strip the beneficiaries of their power as it fails to recognize their skills, passions, hopes and ideas.   

It is important to find organizations that address poverty and chronic unemployment by helping people create their own livelihoods based on market needs and options. There are many organizations operating in Africa, South America and throughout Asia as well as in under-served areas of America that are striving to support the community members as they build stronger futures based on their own ideas, skills and values.  Traditional charity alone is not a long-term solution to poverty although it is an appropriate response to immediate needs in times of crisis. Instead, it is ideal to invest your charity in ways that empower men and women to succeed through micro-enterprise.

By providing the right encouragement and services, formerly marginalized men and women can participate in local markets and turn their ideas into viable small enterprises. These micro-enterprises will generate income and create savings and hope for the next generation. 

See examples of success - visit for more information and to find out how you can get involved in this revolutionary movement.

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