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Trop Casino and City of Greenville Officials

AS CURRENT AND FORMER CITIZENS OF THE GREENVILLE AREA... We request that no portion of Schelben Park be paved as a parking lot during the current expansion of the Trop Casino in Greenville, Mississippi! In addition, since the Casino owns a large empty parking lot next to itself, at the end of Alexander Street, please use it instead.

Schelben Park has hosted countless minor and major events, throughout its long history, as a general public area. It is used daily by people seeking beauty, peace and exercise. But, a parking lot in it 'would sadly' cause these activities to stop!

Schelben Park is 'The Heart' of Downtown Greenville! Let's keep it beating!!!


Jack Gannon

This petition closed over 4 years ago

How this will help

Hopefully, we will cause officials of the Trop Casino and City of Greenville to 'change their plan' to make most of Schelben Park a parking lot!

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