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Spread awareness of Mother Daughter Sexual Abuse in my community.

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How this will help

How to raise awareness in our communities: (Examples: Share and "Like" on Facebook, Create a community event (candlelight vigil, run or walk event, rally, fun day, etc.), Contact local media to do a story on this type of abuse, Put up flyer in the community, Take out an ad in a newspaper, Get your church groups involved, Get local groups involved, Etc.)

Sexual abuse of a daughter by their mother is a very taboo subject. Society cannot grasp the concept that a mother would sexually abuse her own daughter. It does happen and usually the victims of this particular kind of abuse never come forward and they tend to have more psychological problems than victims of other types of sexual abuse. This campaign was created to raise awareness for this type of abuse and also serve as support for those who have been sexually abused by their mother and families of the victims. Please help us raise awareness for this type of child sexual abuse. Children need to be protected! Participation in this campaign will show victims that we do care, we do believe them, and they have no reason to be ashamed!

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