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Thank you to the great people who came to the protest in Los Angeles on October 25.  Our protest was in favor of humane treatment for the animals of Romania.  It was in favor of the government starting mandatory spay/neuter for the dogs, with QUALIFIED vets doing these surgeries, and sustained with government funding so that citizens can take advantage of this service and STOP ABANDONMENT.  

It was also in protest to the conditions that the animals in the shelters are now subject to.  Reports of dogs not being fed and starved.....This is inhumane for any society to allow.  It was also in protest of inhumane killing of animals which is being called "euthanasia".   Humane euthanasia is not generally practiced in Romania by the authorities. 

Our friend Diane Chang, who attended the protest, had this to say:

"Cheering for a good cause. Why care about street dogs when there are so many other problems in this world? Because it's a step, and because they desperately need it--not only the dogs, but the country of Romania and the world as a whole. It's an attempt to introduce compassion where it's missing. If humans can learn to be responsible for those they bring into this world (and, yes, each homeless dog is the direct responsibility of humans), then humanity is finally taking a step toward selflessness and empathy. For those who think it's a pointless and trivial struggle, I disagree. It's a chance to reevaluate your culture, mentality, and priorities. As the saying goes, "The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything." Will your legacy be the "silent bystander"? What will you do to make this world a better place?"


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