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Boycott Gujarat's companies, goods & services till guilty are punished & victims get justice.!

This pledge closed about 4 years ago

How this will help

A very good day to you all. We have seen some progress in the campaign to bring the culprits of the 2002 anti-Muslim Gujarat pogrom to pay for their crimes. A lot however still needs to be done as the main perpetrators are still roaming free, proud of their crimes & hoping to repeat it across India.

Such heinous crimes cannot be allowed to be repeated in a civilized society & such criminals cannot be rewarded or even forgiven for their crimes against humanity. 

One way to do this is to call the bluff of the criminals when they talk about progress during their criminal rule. This can be done by boycotting goods, products & services manufactured in their state & ostracizing & isolating companies that support this bloody regime.

You are requested to boycott all goods manufactured in Gujarat. A few brands etc are mentioned here for your convenience. However each time you buy anything, ensure it is not manufactured in Gujarat. 

A united stand against criminals & not rewarding them for crimes against humanity is the least we can do.!!

Please invite ALL your contacts to join this cause.

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