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It takes two to tango, and a man should have the right to deny fatherhood at the time he is notified of a pregnancy. Women should not have the sole choice. If a female can abort a pregnancy without a man's approval, then a man should be able to deny fatherhood of an unwanted pregnancy. If a man states he does not want the baby and the female opts to give birth, the man should be able to sign a legal waiver stating he does not want the child and not be held responsible. This forces the responsibility solely on the female. Females would not be able to use children as a trap or financial crutch in these cases. It should be against the law for any female to neglect notification of a pregnancy and then return later claiming a child is his.


Michael Jean Wolfe

This will significantly reduce deadbeat father issues. It will reduce the number of pregnancies due to entrapping a man into a relationship or unwanted situation. It would force females to accept more financial responsibility for pregnancies.

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