Sign the Petition to Marijuana Policy Project, National Organization to Reform Marijuana Laws, and any other national marijuana reform groups

We the people of the cannabis community hereby demand that the top organizations for marijuana policy reform start demanding the complete and total repeal of cannabis prohibition. We demand you start taking action to De-schedule,Repeal and Nullify Cannabis Prohibition now. We demand you stop playing your Legalization games with our natural rights. We will settle for nothing less than a complete and total repeal to restore the natural,lawful,unalienable and rightful place of cannabis. We are sick of being told that we must legalize cannabis, it's B.S. and we wont settle for that, we want a complete repeal!

We further demand that in the case of creating or supporting any legislative 'rule' making regarding cannabis,hemp,marijuana that you point out and articulate where the delegated authority to do so comes from within the constitution.

We declare cannabis belongs to the people.. Not the government, corporations or special interest groups. It's not open for debate, it's a matter of nature and natures God, THE LAW, and none of mans rules or rulers can change that.

We demand our natural and lawful right to cannabis and refuse and reject the unlawful rules of man to rule over our body or this plant. Your rules are unlawful and thus null and void of law or force of law. Cease and Desist immediately of your unlawful rule making!

This is a matter of the constitution and the Law and is not subject to your rule making..

A lawless Society is one that makes rules with no regard or respect for the law.. Lets make this the line in the sand and the return of law.

Only in the cannabis community can you find large groups of people who are willing to legalize bad and unconstitutional legislation. Most other groups who appose bad and unconstitutional legislation Demand a Repeal of that legislation. WE HAVE BEEN DOING IT THE WRONG WAY!

It's time for a repeal!


Keary Prophet

This petition will help influence the top national marijuana policy reform groups to start demanding cannabis be De-scheduled,repealed and nullified. This will help by showing them the cannabis community is ready to end this prohibition once and FOR ALL and that they will have our support for complete and total repeal.

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