Sign the Petition to Clerk of the House of Representatives, New Zealand Government & The Minister of Justice New Zealand & The Minister of Primary Industries, & The National Animal Welfare Advisory Committee


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By signing this petition you will help to bring about change in New Zealand Council Pounds and the mindsets of Councils and Government through the Reforms listed.  Through legislation, and our voices being heard we will be able to make government and councils alike understand that your dogs' and mine have the right to be respected and housed safely until we can collect them or until they are humanely euthanaised.  We are paying for a service when we pay for registration.  This service should meet the standards of those of us who pay for it.

There are pounds in NZ that are working to the standards that we require and these facilities should be applauded for their efforts and used as a benchmark throughout NZ.  Some of these facilities are; Napier, Wellington, Rotorua & Taupo.  Napiers Rangers are of such a caliber that NZ should be proud of such people being in their service.


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