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Share a book with a child

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How this will help

By the time many children arrive at school, they have already been left behind. Children in low-income families typically enter kindergarten 12 to 14 months behind the national average in pre-reading and language skills, and are likely to remain so as they move through school. Early gaps in school readiness in kindergarten are mirrored in third grade test results. Third grade is a critical turning point in education, and children who are behind in reading skills in third grade most often remain behind throughout their school career.

Research on child development has established beyond doubt the fact that the years between birth and age three are critical for children's long-term language, cognitive, emotional, and interpersonal development.

Tips for sharing a book with a child:

  1. Follow the child's pace
    *You don't have to finish the story.  
    *What is the child interested in?    
  2. Make it a conversation
    *Both of you should be talking! 
    *Ask lots of questions. 
    *Share new ideas with the child.    
  3. Have FUN!!  
    *Use silly voices and sounds. 
    *Move around and act things out. 
    *Sing songs or use finger plays.    
  4. Repeat, repeat, repeat 
    *Sharing the same stories over and  over is great for brain development! 
After taking the pledge, please leave a comment about why this is important to you.  What books do remember from your childhood? 


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