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Regulation and Filtration of Facebook Content

Facebook is one of the most popular social media websites around, and because of it's popularity Facebook has attracted millions of end users to enjoy networking and keeping up with friends. Because of the increase in users on Facebook, an increase in posted content has become an issue for several people. Disturbing images of decapitations, brutal beatings and violence are some of the main issues with deregulated Facebook content. Now there are millions of people who use Facebook and to filter out every bit of content that is posted by each individual user would be almost impossible, however, something needs to be put in place to begin to filter and regulate at least some of the content posted. At one point, Facebook was a hang out for college students, now Facebook has become a catalyst for violence unknowingly.


Ceo Albert Shaw

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My goal is to get as many signatures as I can to get the attention of someone high in the Facebook corporation.

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