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The Los Angeles Film Society is a nonprofit organization that enhances the lives of underprivileged people through filmmaking and provides them with educational opportunities to help them succeed in school, the workplace, and ultimately...in life.

Here is how the Innovative Program works...Injured Soldiers volunteer to participate in the Program.

The Los Angeles Film Society provides Injured Soldiers with a free hands-on filmmaking education that includes how to: write a script, direct a film, edit the footage and add music to the video.

Short Documentaries will star Injured Soldiers and showcase a dynamic range of subjects. The Benefits of the "Injured Soldier Film Program" are limitless.

Participating Soldiers will conquer 4 territories -- Mind, Body, Engagement, and Economic Empowerment.

1) Mind -- Filmmaking exercises (ex: screenwriting) will increase participants' mental well-being and help foster a transition into civilian endeavors.

2) Body — Injured Soldiers participate in unique fitness-based activities (ex: wheelchair basketball, body surfing, hand cycling, etc.) with one another and their families over a sustained period of time. These activities are filmed by other Injured Soldiers and will promote opportunities to showcase leadership and peer guidance.

3) Engagement - Participants connect with other injured service members and engage the Public through their short documentaries.

4) Economic Empowerment - Injured Soldiers can apply their newfound technical and creative skills toward vocational and academic endeavors.

How can you witness your donation at work?

21a) Attend the Documentary's Movie Premiere [comprised of highlights from all the Injured Soldiers' Short Documentaries] and meet the Injured Soldiers.

21b) Volunteer at a class/event and assist Participating Soldiers as they complete filmmaking exercises.

21c) Sponsor a Video - Your Name, Corporate Logo or Product will appear before/during the YouTube Video.

Email questions to - info@losangelesfilmsociety.org

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